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Whilst debate on wildlife conservation continues to rage, the world loses more rhino every single day …. and frankly …. rhinos simply do not have the luxury of time. Time has already run out for the Northern White Rhino, and it will run out in within one generation for the world’s remaining rhinos if poaching rates continue at their current rate.

Buffalo Dream Ranch is South Africa’s best kept secret and good news story!

Buffalo Dream Ranch currently cares for and protects over 1600 Rhino, 300 of which are currently pregnant and due to give birth in the next 18 months, thus taking the total rhino count close to 2000 Rhino. This is 10% of the world’s remaining rhinos. An incredible achievement by a small team of selfless, tireless and dedicated people.

The owner and founder of the Buffalo Dream Ranch, John Hume, has pri

vately funded this incredible project to the tune of well over US$100 million. Sadly he has now exhausted all of his personal financial resources and is unable to continue without outside investment and/or donation from a caring public.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to funding a sustainable solution.

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