Meet “Gugu”

Dear Supporter,

Just more than a month ago we shared the news with you of the birth of our 1,000th calf at BDR.  We have now had the birth of our first second generation calf which qualifies as a CITES F2 rhino with the strictest interpretation of a CITES definition.  You will recall that we also bred 250 rhino calves in Mpumalanga and this F2 is the 1,040th birth on BDR.  See below

My rhino breeding project is certainly not guaranteed to survive as we have many, many problems and hurdles to overcome, but we will keep fighting to keep breeding and protecting this rhino herd of 1,626 rhinos.


John Hume

Meet Gugu (Zulu for “precious”). She is the very first ‘second generation’, or F2, calf born onto the BDR Project on 23 May 2018. She was born to 6.5 year old rhino heifer Natalya and rhino bull Griffin (who is incidentally Platinum’s elder brother).  Daphne, Gugu’s grandmother, arrived at BDR on 21 July 2010, and gave birth to Natalya on Christmas day 2011, 17 months after her arrival.

Baby GuGu
Our first “F2” or second generation rhino born on BDR