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You can now support our project using Electroneum. Simply scan the QR code. Or cut and paste our PUBLIC WALLET: etnk4nQoR843ijQDtekdLuN85iiE3CWa44pHaHLHwa7hGKfUdc5ExDvLCUebE5tfAMbWnfNLp1157DwA9xDfpcVcA3mhoTQTgH

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Jeandri Steyn (1 of 40) Belinda Lane (2 of 40) Peter Jordaan (3 of 40) Your name or business website address could be here. Please visit our Patreon page for more info. Once you open the link below please look

Due to a severe drought currently affecting the Province, we provide supplementary feed for all our Rhino. Every day we provide 12kg of supplementary feed per Rhino. We provide an average of 14 tons of supplementary feed every day.