In this time of rampant poaching and devastating drought, rhino numbers are dwindling. Help us to conserve rhino by buying your very own rhino. More info below.

White rhino drinking water at a dam

RhinoStay allows you to do your part in conserving this amazing species, without the associated costs of having to purchase your own wildlife reserve and private army.

White rhino cow and calf walking with giraffe in the background

Buy a rhino from us, leave it with us for the necessary care and protection until the poaching crises abates.  Your rhino can thereafter be re-homed in any safe and lush wild rangeland of your choosing.

Three white rhino relaxing on vast open grass fields in the North West Province of South Africa


  • Daily supplementary drought feed when needed.
  • 220ha (543 acre) property to graze on.
  • 24/7 in-house veterinary care when needed.
  • Vaccinations and preventative medicine as required.
  • 24/7 armed protection. ZERO losses to poachers over the past 43 months.
  • Rhino will be notched and microchipped for safety and record purposes.
  • Photographs and news of all major events in your rhino’s life.
  • You will be permitted to visit your rhino once a year.
A young white rhino calf sleeping under a tree during the hot part of the day.


  • Your rhino’s horn will be trimmed for protection purposes or you can leave it on the rhino to grow. If trimmed the horn will remain your property. Trimming scheduled to be dictated by management. 
  • Any births from female rhinos will remain your progeny. The calf will run with the mother fee-free until the age of 6 months, after which fees will begin to apply.
  • RhinoStay will assist with information regarding any permits required.
White rhino cow and calf standing in  long dry grass.

RhinoStay Cost

Bull: $12000.00 Once off
Cow: $24000.00 Once off 
Rhino Stay: $470.00 per month

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Note: We will do all that is needed to keep your rhino safe and healthy, however deaths by various means including malicious (poaching), disease, illness, lightening and other, are largely unavoidable and will remain your risk.

Terms and conditions apply and can be provided on request.